a) Layout and floor area:        Ground floor: 253.37 m2                                 Capacity: 70
                                                4th Floor: Reading Room-1  510 m2              Capacity: 140
                                                                Reading Room-2: 326.62 m2           Capacity: 90
                                                 Virtual Library: 271.44 m2     35 Computers with internet
                                                Issue Section & Staff Reading Room: 582.90 m2       Capacity: 30
                                                Literature Library: 17 m2
                                                Daftary, Binder & Store Room: 133 m2
                                                Audio-visual Library: 280 m2
                                                Librarian Room: 29 m2
Total Area = 2403.33 Sq. mtrs                      Total Capacity = Students    - 300
                                                                                                     Staff           - 30
c) Working hours                    : 9-30 am  to 6-10 pm (Routine Library)

                                                  24 Hours (Reading Room)

d) No. of shifts             : 2
e) No. of Books                        :
    i) Text                                  : 14744
   ii) Reference                                    :
f) No. of Journals subscribed annually.
    i) Indian Journal                  :   70   
   ii) Foreign Journal                :   30 + Virtual library
g) No. of Journals actually received annually.
    i) Indian Journal                  : 70
   ii) Foreign Journal                : 30 + Virtual library
h) No. of Journals with back numbers :
   i) Indian Journal;                 
 ii) Foreign Journal                 350     
i) No. of books purchased during the last 3 years :
2007-08           2008-09           2009-2010       2010-2011
191                     148                  1750             1500
j) Staff with qualifications:
                                                                        Names                         Qualifications
Categories –
Librarian                                 :           Mr. R. H. Trivedi                   M. Lib. Sc.
Dy. Librarian                           :           Mr. Rathod Chetan              M. Lib. Sc.
Documentalist                         :       Mr. Ashok Chavda Gor     M. Lib. Sc.
Cataloguer                              :           Miss Pooja Bhatt                     B. Lib. Sc.
Library Assistants                    :           Mrs Kiran Makvana                B. Lib. Sc.        
Daftaries                                 :           Miss Kaushik Makwana
Library boy cum Swiper        :             Mr. N. R. Rana
Any other                                :           Sweepers on contract basis
k) System of cataloguing        :                       D.D.C.
l) Details of facilities available:                          T.V., VCR Internet available.
                                                                        like Medlar, internet, T.V.
              VCR, Xerox & Microfilm reading.
 Whether these areas are air-conditioned ? : No.


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