Library premises are divided in two parts mainly – Central Library and Library Reading Room.
            Central Library is situated on 4th floor of Medical College Building. Reading Rooms for students and faculty is also there. fLibrary remains open during 9:00 a.m. to 6:10 p.m.
            Central Library is enriched by various medicinal subjects Books, Journals, Back-Volumes, Thesis, C.D.s, Audio-Video Cassettes, Daily News-Papers which is issued to students and staff members for academic use. Above all our Central Library has excellent facility of computer systems along with internet accessibility which can also be used for academic use as plenty of online websites, journals; Literature is made available by our library.
            Our Central Library also provides subject books to all Scheduled Tribe’s students year-wise free of cost, which later-on they submit back to library as they pass out from that particular year of subject/study.
            As well as what so ever new books or literature on purchase & arrival to library, details are displayed on Central Library Notice Board.
      Ground floor Library Reading Room is also made available for students & staff for easy & quick accessibility which can accommodate 70/people at a time which has separate sitting arrangement for U.G. & P.G.  Students & the reading room remains open on all days & 24×7, so students & staff can take utmost advantage. Daily News Papers are also displayed on notice-board in this room.

Collection & Rules:

In Central Library Books, journals, etc. are issued between 9:00 a.m. to 6:10 p.m. Each students/staff is issued maximum 2 (two) books at a time which can be kept for 15(fifteen) days & then it has to be submitted back to library or to be renewed.

      The Central Library has total of 14744 books at present. There are 70 Indian and 30 Foreign Journals which comes on timely basis. Foreign Journals are available ONLINE, altogether of Journal, year-books, Reference-books, has 1100 different titles available among all different Departments.

New arrivals:

New Arrivals of books/literature in Central Library is done by: firstly all departmental Heads give their departmental requirement of new books subject wise to the library committee; which then calculates the cost of books in the received list. After final costing is done then tendering is done & advertised in newspaper, then tender is filled by the respective applicants & out of all tender-applicants lowest cost in tender advertise is accepted by the Library Committee & procedure is done by the Committee for the same.

List of e-books & Online references:

Our Central Library has successfully running Virtual Library section in which foreign journals, Reference books, are available which can be procured from Virtual Library as well as there is internet facility, so that student/staff can learn online any time during library timings.
            Virtual Library has various web browsers like

  • M.D. Consult
  • Springeler
  • Proquest
  • B.M.J.
  • Oxford
  • Blackwell-synergy.

By all the 6 (six) above mentioned packages of virtual library approximately 1100 titles are available for the study in library.