Sports Activities


Outdoor Games Played: Volley Ball, Cricket, Basketball

Number of playgrounds:2

Indoor Games Played: Chess, Carrom, Badminton, Table Tennins

(a) Play grounds and game played

Annual sports week is celebrated each year.

 1.      Cricket match organized by Harvey club of staff & student with mayor team won on 28-01-2012 (Team: Dr. Krunal Mehta, Dr. Ankit Adhvariyu, Ajay Charan, Deep Jarsaniya, Rajubhai, Dipakbhai, Amitbhai, Pankajbhai Gadhe, Pankahbhai Bhusra, Vijay Ninama, Manoj Sura)


2.      Cricket match organized by AVPTI for student with knowledge group won on 28-02-2012. (Team: Ajay Charan, Deep Jarsaniya, Pankaj Gadhe, Pankahbhai Bhusra, Vijay Ninama, Manoj Sura, Shreem Vatsraj, Sachin Balevia, Jay Turakhia, Darshan Naykpara, Prem Lakhani)


3.      Trekking program to Mount Abu held on 3 to 5 March 2012.


4.       Sports week held in 1st week of April 2014.


5.      Sports & Gymkhana committee consist of

Dr. Manish Mehta, Dean;

Dr. Manish Kakaiya;

Sardharabhai; Rajubhai;

Dipak Vaghela;

Ajay Charan;

Jeet Gandhi;

Hiral Upadhyay;

Nupur Vaghasia

Mit Mehta


(b) Gymnasium facilities and arrangement : Facilities available for indoor and outdoor games.


(c) Management : Prof. I/c gymkhana supervises the activities.

Arpit Deliwala has participated in open saurashtra university chess competion. 

Details of 2015

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Letter from Dean regarding sports meet 2012

Schedule of sports meet and cultural events 2012

 Circular No 1 Minutes of the meeting 18.02.103