National Anti Ragging Helpline UGC Crisis Hotline 24X7 Toll Free Number 18001805522

For more Details pertaining to Anti Ragging visit

For ragging Related Complaints visit

For Ragging Related Complaints  E  mail to Helpline@Antiragging.In

No.1  08.07.2009 Circular

No.2 16.09.2009 Circular

No. 3 09.09.2011 Committee members, Phone Nos. Meeting 23.02.12, 13.02.2013

No.4   2009   Undertaking- Students & parents

No. 5              Character Certificate

No. 6              Affidavit - students, parents

No. 7             Anti Ragging Posters

No. 8 18.04.2009 Letter to MCI

No.9 04.07.2009 Circular

No. 10 23.09.2011 Mind Mangement training

No.11 03.08.2009 Orientation Program for Freshers

No. 12  30.09.2011 Mentor list for freshers admitted in Aug 2011-1

No. 13 30.09.2011 Mentor list for freshers admitted in Aug 2011-2

No. 14 2012 Mentor list for freshers admitted in Aug 2012

No. 15 22.02.2013 Minutes

No.16 06.03.2013 Minutes

No. 17 2013 Mentor list for students admitted in Aug 2013

No. 18 Minutes 21-11-13

No. 19 Minutes 10-11-14

No. 20 2014 List of mentors for students admitted in Aug 14

No .21 2015-December ANTI RAGGING COMMITEE as of Dec 2015

No. 17-2-02-2017  Anti Ragging Committee as of February 2017

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