Statistical Unit

 Circular no 1 Date. 21.02. 2013 Details till date


Yes :  With P.S.M. Department 

Composition :                                        

     1.      Staff  :Prof & Head PSM (Dr. A. M. Kadri)

         Assist .Professor in Biostatistics (Dr. V. Tanna)   

          Assistant Professor (Dr. Bharat Gohel)

           Tutor (Dr Rajendra Chauhan)

2.      Equipment             : Computers available

3.      Scope of work       : UG Teaching of Biostatistics

Guiding Intern students with respect to various data analytical activities

Guiding Post Graduate Residents with respect of analysis pertaining to Dissertation work


Guiding faculty of the Medical College regarding activities pertaining to data analysis component  of Research         

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