Institutional Animal Ethics Committee

 List of members


CHAIRMAN     : Dean ( Dr. M.R.Mehta)

Dr. Anil Singh: Professor & Head, Dept. of Pharmacology PDUMC Rajkot

Dr. Ajita Pillai    : Scientist In Charge, Asso. Prof, Pharmacology, PDUMC,                               Rajkot

Dr. G.A.Dhruv  : Scientist from Different Faculty, HOD pathology, PDUMC,                            Rajkot

Dr.G.U. Kavathiya  : Scientist from Different Faculty,Asso. Prof.,                                                    Microbiology, PDUMC,Rajkot

Dr. B. K.Trivedi  : Veterenian

Dr. V.C.Soni    : Scientist from outside Institute

Dr.Tusharbindu R. Desai  : Main CPCSEA Nominee

Dr. Sudhir A Mehta  : Link nominee

Mr. Narendrakumar A Patel : Scientist- Socially Aware member



 No.1 2004 Committee Members (2004)
 No 2 19.04.2004 Minutes of the meeting
 No 3 2011 Committee members
No 4 27.02.2012 Communication
No 5 16.04.2012 Minutes of the meeting
No 6  18.04.2012 Certificate
No 7  18.12.2012 Minutes of the meeting
No. 8 18-12-13 Minutes of the Meeting
No. 9  13-01-14 Minutes of meeting
No. 10 19-09-14 Minutes of meeting


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