Lecture Bank

Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics Sept 2013

Group Dynamics- General Instructions-March 2014

Systems Approach

Systems Approach Sept 2013

Systems Approach March 2014

 Learning Process and Adult Learning-1

 Learning Process and Adult Learning - 2

Learning Process & Adult Learning Sept 2013

Taxonomy of Learning and Educational Objectives 

Educational Objectives - Group exercise

Taxonomyt of Learnig, Educational Objectives Sept 2013

SLO Sept 2013

SLO Contd. Sept 20`13

Taxonomy March 2014

Teaching Learning Methods

Teaching Learning Methods Sept 2013

Teaching- Learning- March 2014

Teaching Learning Methods- March 2014

Types of Media and Choice

Media and their Choice Sept 2013

Media- March 2014


Microteaching Sept 2013

Curricular Reforms

Curricular Reforms 1 Mar 2014

Curricular Reforms CISP Mar 2014

Student Assessment – Introduction

Student Assessment -Formative & Summative

Students Assessment- Introduction Sept 2013

Students Assessment- Formative & Summative Sept 2013

Large Group Interaction Sept 2013

Large Group Interaction- Mar 2014

Bed Side Teaching- OMP Model Sept 2013

 Essay Type Questions

Essay Type Questions Sept 2013

Short Answer Questions

Short Answer Questions Sept 2013

Objective Assessment and MCQ

Obj & MCQ Sept 2013

MCQ March 2014

MCQ - Item Analysis

Item analysis Sept 2013

Item Analysis March 2014

Oral and Practical Examination, OSCE & OSPE

OSCE & OSPE Sept 2013

OSCE & OSPE - Group Ex, Plenary Session

OSCE & OSPE March 2014

Structured Oral Viva

Structured Oral Viva Sept 2013

Structured Oral Viva March 2014

Long  case and improvement, mini-CEX

Mini CeX Sept 2013

Mini CEX March 2014

Giving effective feedback

Feedback Sept 2013

Feedback March 2014