Students Union

Students Union 2014

Name, contact no. & address of the President & Secretary

PG –   President:      Dr. Reenu Chaudhary; Resident Medicine
                         D/30, Near Railway Hospital, Jamnagar Road ,Rajkot
                         Mobile: 9724549949
            Secretary:      Dr. Paras Chavda; Resident OBs & Gyn.
                          D/40, Near Railway Hospital, Jamnagar Road ,Rajkot
                          Mobile: 9033448860
UG –   President:      Ajay Charan
                          Professor block, Gondal Road, Rajkot.
                          Mobile: 8460237547
             Secretary:      Shahna Jindani
                          Subhashnagar-8,near Amrapali Cenema, Rajkot
                          Mobile: 8866087851




 President: Dr. Mukundray Dindor (Resident-Psychiatry)

Vice President: Dr. Hardik Gor

Secretary: Dr. Chintan (Resident Orthopaedics)


PG –President:Dr. Mukundray Dindor; Resident Psychiatry ABC Staff qtrs, B5/11, Opp: Prabhat Hospital, Rajkot  Mobile: 9727719156

Secretary:Dr. Chintan; Resident Orthopedic ABC Staff qtrs, B2/6, Opp: Prabhat Hospital, Rajkot  Mobile: 9879678767 

UG –   President: Namrata Vithalani 15, New Girls Hostel, Rajkot.

            Secretary: Maldev A. Sonigra 3, New Boys Hostel, Rajkot


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