Radiation Oncology : Departmental Facility

Departmental Facility

New Radiotherapy department has to be established in P. D. U. Medical College & Hospital, Rajkot. We have applied for a grant of about 16 crores rupees from the central government under National Cancer Control Programme.

Government of Gujarat is planning to establish the Radiation Oncolgy department with the following equipments and facilities:

  1. Intensity Modulating Radiotherapy (IMRT) and Image Guided Radiotherapy( IGRT) based Teletherapy Machine with Inverse Planning TPS Software.
  2. HDR Brachytherapy machine with TPS.
  3. CT- Simulator for precise planning.
  4. 40 beded Radiation Oncology ward with facilities of giving chemotherapy and handling radiotherapy side-effects.
  5. Cancer Screening and Early Detection Wing.
  6. To implement District Cancer Control Programme under NCCP for Primary and Secondary Prevention.
  7. Planning to start MD and DNB courses in Radiotherapy after the department is established.