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Current problems in which research work is going on and by whom? (2012)
Flurosis Project of the Govt. of Gujarat by HOD and 3 others
Iodine Deficiency Disorder Project of Gujarat Government by HOD and 2 others.





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i.Dr Anil Goel (Radiotherapy Dept)


ii. Dr Shilpa Jain (Biochemistry Dept)

  Role of targeted monoclonal antibodies combined with chemo-radiotherapy  in Head & Neck Cancers


Gujarat Journal of Otorhinolaryngology & Head & Neck Surgery,Nov-Dec 2009; Vol.6, No.12;   26-29



i.Dr Anil Goel (Radiotherapy Dept)


ii. Dr Shilpa Jain (Biochemistry Dept)

Recent advances in the management of Multiple Myeloma

Radiation Oncology (Journal of AROI,Northen Chapter)

Jan –June 2011

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