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Publication By DR. A.U. Mehta (Professor & Head)
Publication Journal Title
01 F.O.G.S.I., Dec. 1996 Twice a caesarean always a caesarean?
Publication By DR. Kamal Goswami (Assistant Professor)& Dr. Kavita Dudhrejia (Assistant Professor)
02 as co-authors. (Case Reports) Gujarat Medical Journals Vol. 1. A rare third stage complication "Sheehan's Syndrome" Vol.61 no 2Year june 2004
2. A rare Obstetric emergency "Shoulder Dystocia" Vol.62 no 1 Year june 2005

Dissertation Topics Current Year

Dr Prakash Parmar : (2009-2012) Principal Investigator ( Guide: Dr A U Mehta)"A Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled trial of Tablet Mesopristol 600 mcg by Rectal Route versus Sublingual Route in terms of Efficacy and Adverse Drug Reactions when used for Prophylaxis for Post Partum Hemorrhage in 3rd & 4th Stage of labor".