Psychiatry : Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements


Paper Presentations

IPSGSB 2015 

  • Study on treatment compliance in patient suffering from schizophrenia -Presented by Dr. Gopi Gajera for the Dr. R.C.Maniar best paper award .

48th Annual Conference, IPS WZB 2017,Rajkot.  

  • Study of and pattern of psychiatric co-morbidity in patient with suicidal attempt   presenting author –Dr. Chirag Kundaliya.  [1st Prize  in Free Paper category]
  • Prevalence and Pattern of Psychiatric  Co-morbidity in patient with epilepsy , presenting author – Dr. Prashant Mahakal .[1st Prize in Free Paper Category]
  • Prevalence and Pattern of Psychiatric  Co-morbidity in patient with Substance use disorder.  Dr. Shruti Rathod. [ 2nd Prize in Free Paper Category ]
  • Prevalence and pattern of Substance use in patients with Psychotic disorder.Dr. Krunal Patel

IPS GSB  2019, Jaisalmer 

  • Case control study of role of stressful life events in schizophrenia in tertiary care hospital by Dr. Jitendra Keshvani
  • Relationship of body image dissatisfaction with BMI, self-esteem and personality by Dr. Priyam Singh
  • Impact on parental bonding on self-esteem and empathy among intern doctors by Dr. Timirkant Takwani
  • Prevalance and pattern of depressive disorders and assesment of burden amongst caregiver of intellectual disability disorder patients by Dr. Kunjal Odedra

IPS WZB 2019, Mumbai

  • A study of prevalance and pattern of psychotic features in patients with bipolar mood disorder


  Poster Presentations       

 68th  ANCIPS BHOPAL 2016

  •  Prevalence and Pattern of Psychiatric Co-morbidity in patients with HIV  ,presented by. Dr. Shruti Rathod.


·         IPSGSB-GOA 2016

  • Prevalence and Patterns of  Psychiatric co-morbidity in patient with substance use disorder. Presented by Dr. Shruti Rathod.
  • A case report on HIV associated Neurocognitive disorder Presented  By Dr. Chirag Kundaliya.
  •  A case report of young onset dementia –presented by Dr. Reema Vasani

   69th ANCIPS RAIPUR 2017

  • A case report on hysterical belching  presented by  - Dr.Arpit Jani, Dr.Chirag  Kundaliya
  • Personality and behaviour changes due to brain tumour –presented by  Dr. Krunal patel
  • A case Report on - Aripiprazole induced weight gain – presented  by  Dr.  Prashant Mahakal



  •  A Case Report on  Fronto-Temporal  Dementia , presented by Dr. Makbul Ali Vijapura.
  • A Case Report  On Childhood case of Mania.presented by Dr. Nisha K. Prajapati



  • Handwriting as a predictor of improvement in psychosis. Presented by Dr. Priyam Singh



Ip IPS, WZB pune 2018

  •     paraphillic disorder by Dr. Jitendra Keshvani 
  •     Trihexyphenidyl: use or misuse? by Dr. Kunjal Odedra



    ANCIPS 2019, Lucknow

  •     Childhood onset schizophrenia by Dr. Riddhi Thacker
  •     "Getting High" on highly inflammable Dr. Timirkant Takwani




     ·  TYSA QUIZ (TORRENT YOUNG SCHOLAR AWARD)                                    

Zonal level (west zone) Quiz of TYSA

Dr. Chirag Kundaliya (2nd Rank 2017)

Dr. Nisha Prajapati(2018)

Dr. Mukund Dindor (2012)

Dr. Dhaivat Mehta (2012)

DR. Sanjibni Panigrahi - 2nd rank in 2013

DR. Rajendrakumar Acharya – 3rd rank in 2013

DR. Pallabi Sahu – 4th rank 2014

DR. Tejas Patel – 5th rank 2014

DR. Rajesh Ram – 1st rank 2015

DR. Shikha – 2nd rank 2015

DR. Jaydeepsingh Gohil – 4th rank 2015    

National level candidate of TYSA 

Dr. Chirag Kundaliya(2018)

Dr. Dhaivat Mehta (2012)

DR. Sanjibni Panigrahi (2013)

DR. Rajendrakumar Acharya (2013)

DR. Pallabi Sahu (2014)

DR. Shikha (2015)


Dr.Rajesh Ram and Dr.Shikha (1st prize)



Dr.Reema Vasani, Dr. Agila (1st Prize)