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  • A Chapter on “Psychotherapies”; accepted for Publication in API ( Association of Physician’s of India),Textbook of Medicine 2017 - Dr.M.J.Samani (Professor and Head of Department, PDUMC,RAJKOT)
  • A Case Report on Childhood disintegrative disorder Published in Annals of Indian psychiatry June 2018 issue by Dr. Krunal .H.Patel , Dr. M.J.Samani
  • Prevalence and Pattern of Psychiatric Co-morbidity in patient with Epilepsy , By Dr. Prashant  Mahakal ,Dr. K.V.Chandrani , Published in IOSR Journal of Dental And Medical Sciences Vol .17,Issue 6,Ver.16,June-2018
  • Analysis of adverse drug reactions of atypical antipsychotic drugs in psychiatry OPD, Piparva KG, Buch JG, Chandrani KV - Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine,2012,Jan;33(2):153-157.
  • Quality of life in caregivers of patients with schizophrenia and its correlation with severity of illness, Sanjibani Panigrahi, Rajendra Kumar Acharya, Mukesh K Patel, Kalpesh V Chandrani - The International Journal Of Engineering And Science (IJES) || Volume || 3 || Issue || 6 || Pages || 55-60 || 2014 || ISSN (e): 2319 - 1813 ISSN (p): 2319 - 1805.
  • Quality of life in caregivers of patients with bipolar mood disorder with current manic episode and its correlation with severity of illness, Sanjibani Panigrahi, Rajendra Kumar Acharya, Mukesh K Patel, Kalpesh V Chandrani - IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (IOSR-JDMS) e-ISSN: 2279-0853, p-ISSN: 2279-0861.Volume 13, Issue 8 Ver. II (Aug. 2014), PP 48-51.
  • Hypnotherapy in the treatment of conversion disorder blindness and deafness type by Dr. Chirag Kundalia and Dr. K.V. Chandrani - annals of Indian psychiatry || Volume3 || Issue2 || July-December 2019 Pg 173-174
  • Study of certification cases handled in department of psychiatry in a tertiary care hospital - Dr. Maitri Desai Dr. Minakshi Parikh - Indian Journal of Science and Research || ISSN 2319-7064 || pg 375-376
  •  A study of Prevalence and pattern of psychiatric morbidityin patients with suicidal attempt by Dr. Chirag Kundalia, Krunal Patel, Mukesh K. Patel - IOSR Journals: Volume 17, Issue No. 6



  • Quality of life and Psychiatric Morbidity in Caregiver of Alcohol Dependence Patients .Dr. Jaydeep Singh Gohil, Dr. M.K.Patel
  • A Study of life events and Quality of life in patients of Major Depressive Disorder.  Dr . Rajesh Ram, Dr. K.V. Chandrani
  • A Comparative Study of Quality of life of menopausal women with other medical condition. Dr. Agila C., Dr. M.K.Patel.
  • A  Prevalence and Pattern of  Psychiatric Co-morbidity in patients with Substance Use Disorder . Dr. Shruti Rathod , Dr. M.J.Samani.
  • A study of Prevalence and pattern of substance use among the patients suffering from psychotic  disorder. Dr. Krunal Patel, Dr. M.J.Samani
  • A Study of Prevalence and Patterns of Psychiatric morbidity in patient with Suicidal Attempt.  Dr. Chirag kundaliya , Dr. M.K.patel
  • Prevalence and Pattern of Psychiatric  Co-morbidity in patient with Epilepsy , Dr. Prashant  Mahakal ,Dr. K.V.Chandrani.
  • Prevalence and Pattern of Sexual dysfunction in male patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder attending psychiatry OPD . Dr. Arpit Jani,  Dr. Kalpesh Chandrani.
  • Prevalence of Internet Addiction and its Association with Psychopathology in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Medical  students. Dr. Makbul Ali Vijapura, Dr.M.K.Patel
  • A Study of Caregiver Burden and Psychiatric Morbidity among Caregivers of children with Thalassemia  Major. Dr. Nisha K.Prajapati,Dr.M.J.Samani
  • Case control study of role of stressful life events in schizophrenia patients in tertiary care Hospitals by Dr. Jitendra Keshwani with Dr. M.J. Samani
  • A study of prevalance and pattern of psychotic features in patients with bipolar mood disorder by Dr. Riddhi Thacker with Dr. M.J. Samani
  • A study of relation between body image dissatisfaction with BMI, self-esteem and personality in intern doctors by Dr. Priyam Singh with Dr. M.J.Samani
  • A study on impact of parental bonding on self esteem and empathy among intern doctors by Dr. Timirkant Takwani with Dr. M.K.Patel
  • Prevalance and pattern of depressive disorder and assesment of burden amongst care-givers of patient of intellectual disability by Dr. Kunjal Odedra with Dr. K.V.Chandrani
  • The study of factors affecting compliance in schizophrenia patients by Dr. Maitri Desai and Dr. Minakshi Parikh
  • A study of relationship between attitude towards emotion, cognitive emotion regulation and perceived stress among medical students by Dr. Sumeet Kumar with Dr. M. J. Samani
  • A study of childhood trauma, impulsiity and low frustration tolerance in mood disorder patients by Dr. Tuhina Prakash and Dr. M.K. Patel